Create a metal texture using Photoshop

Simple step by step tutorial how to make metal texture in Photoshop. In this article you can also learn how to use motion blur effect, gradient tool & add noise. Let’s see the step by step tutorial:

1. Open a new document (for this tutorial we use 500px & 375px)

2. Now create a new layer. Press Ctrl + BackSpace to use a background color for the layout.

3. In layers panel Double click on the new layer and select the Gradient Overlay option in Layer Style popup.

4. Now create a gradient using #85888f & #f0f0f2 colors.

texture Photoshop tutorial screen shot - 1


5. Select the both layers (press shift & select the layers in layer panel). RMC (Click right button of your mouse) & click on the Merge Layers.

texture Photoshop tutorial screen shot - 2


6. Now go to “Filter Menu -> Noise -> Add Noise..“. It will open the below Add Noise popup. In the Add Noise popup give 20 as “amount %” and ok.

7. Go to Filter Menu -> Blur -> Motion Blur... Give 25 as distance & 0 as angle.

texture Photoshop tutorial screen shot - 3


after clicking on the ok button on Motion Blur popup, the texture may look like the below picture.

texture Photoshop tutorial screen shot - 4



8. Now we need to add a shades to all corners of our brushed metal texture.

Use the below parameter for Brush Tool as seen on the scrren shot:


  • Master diameter: 250 px
  • Hardness: 0%
  • Color: #8a8d96

Metal texture Photoshop tutorial - 5


You may see the final look of the brushed metal texture.