Create a halo effect using Photoshop CS3

Hi this is a simple tutorial about how to implement Halo effect using Artistic Neon Glow in photoshop cs3.  Lets see the steps:


Step 1:

Open an image on your canvas. Use an image which is not too big.

primary image to modify

Step 2:

Select background of the image, You can use the Magic Lasso tool from the toolbar and select the background. Your image will look like this after selection.

background select using magic tool


Step 3:

Click on “Select > Modify > Smooth” from the menu. Give a smoothness from 2 to 4.

smooth effect in photoshop cs3

Step 4:

Next click on “Filter > Modify > Neon Glow“, the neon glow window will appear like the one on the right.

neon glow effect photoshop


Play around with the options till your glow seems fantastic and click on OK.

Here is the final image with a halo.


result of neon glow effect in photoshop